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brad herndon 

Brad Herndon shares his secrets to success in our guide.

Download Havalon's "Ultimate Guide to Deer Hunting Success"
2nd Edition

Want to learn the essential tactics for deer hunting success from these six professional hunters and writers; Steve Sorensen, Bob Robb, Bernie Barringer, Ron Spomer, Barry Wensel and Brad Herndon?  For free?  Thought so.

Inside our complimentary "Ultimate Guide to Deer Hunting Success 2nd Edition" you receive:

  • 3 essential tactics for filling your deer tags in early season heat
  • 5 ways whitetail hunters can beat the heat
  • 4 techniques to guarantee you find trophy bucks during the rut
  • 3 secrets to setting up on a mature buck's late season food sources

Plus, you'll learn scores of other tactics that only the most seasoned hunters know.

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